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A Different Model

Our first challenge was to differentiate Lifestyle Communities from Retirement Villages. We asked James Kelly (Cofounder & Managing Director), Marion Wood (Sales Consultant) and Grace (Homeowner) a series of questions, including ‘In your view, what’s the biggest difference between Lifestyle Communities and a retirement village?’.

We were able to deliver an extremely authentic 2 min video, that was shared on blogs, landing pages and email newsletters.

Video 2

The Sales Process

Megan Allan (Sales Operations Coordinator) describes the sales process and walks us through what to expect when buying a home at Lifestyle Communities.

5 minute video uploaded onto website landing page.

Video 3

The Smart Buy Guarantee

The Lifestyle Communities Smart Buy Guarantee helps customers buy their new home secure in the knowledge they’re making a safe and wise decision.

1 minute interview based video lead by James and Marion.

Video 4

Deferred Management Fee

When we started Lifestyle Communities we didn’t have a Deferred Management Fee but we introduced it to ensure that we maintained a vested interest in the maintenance of the community and the way it presented.

90 second video lead by Marion…

Video 5

3 reasons to consider downsizing your home

There are many reasons for downsizing – but the most common reasons are; to feel safe and secure in a gated community, make genuine connections with like-minded people in a community where you know your neighbours and finally to free up cash that might be tied up in their larger home. James, Marion, Grace explain how downsizing can feel like creating a bigger life.

This 2 minute video was designed to send customers to visit the website or call one of the friendly Lifestyle Communities consultants to talk through the variety of options…


Our series of 5 videos were uploaded to blogs, landing pages and email newsletters, and helped  provide customers with important information that they could use to help them make a decsion on whether or not they would buy a home at a Lifestyle Community.

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Agree! Love option 2 and that's definitely the style I see used across FB (plus I love that the branding is consistant. Thanks - That's perfect.

Digital Markting ManagerLifestyle Communities

Fantastic! Total team effort on this one. Love your work on covering up the gap in the interview too, nice!

Content Manager - PR SpecialistLifestyle Communities

Here's the last piece of feedback! You’ve done a great job. Thanks!

Content ManagerLifestyle Communities

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