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How our video content package helped VU successfully launch their revolutionary First Year Model

Taking a multi-channel approach

Victoria University worked with Electric Street to develop customised video content and marketing material to help attract, engage and nurture students as they considered the benefits of VU’s revolutionary ‘First Year Model’: an Australian University first designed to help first year students transition into University by focusing on one subject in sequential four-week blocks, rather than juggling multiple subjects at the same time. This content will be used in a range of ways – web, internally, social media. We produced the following content to be utilised across various channels:

  • Logo Development
  • Animated Branding Package
  • 4 x 60sec Explainer Videos
  • 8 x 15sec – 30sec Testimonial Videos
  • 4 x Social Ads / Animated GIFs
  • 2 x Digital Flyers / Handouts
  • Open Day Vox Pops


Communicating ‘how it works’ in the simplest way possible

An animated infographic explaining what the FYM is/how the block mode works. We created a different version for our 4 key audiences: ‘School leavers’, ‘Non-school leavers’, ‘International students’ and ‘Parents, career practitioners and teachers’. The proposition: The First Year Model puts our students’ needs first.

First Year Model Explained in 60 seconds

Non-school leavers version

Testimonial Content

We interviewed VU’s experts on the subject

Interview videos will start with a big question super appear next to the speaker. We’re open to adding an animation over the top of the interviews to visually explain difficult to understand elements of the FYM. Ian Solomonidies talks about some of the barriers students may come up against, and gives some tips on how to overcome them

We covered the following topics:

  • Overcome Barriers
  • Get Industry Ready
  • Embrace Flexible Learning
  • Collaberative Learning
  • Understanding Assessments
  • Putting student needs first
  • An Immersive Approach
  • Less stress More Focus
  • Smaller Class Sizes
  • Single Focus Learning
First Year Model: Overcoming Barriers

60 second version

Social Content

We created ads for social

We created a series of ads which reinforced the campaign messaging… Helping students identify the problems FYM helped them solve, and take them on the education journey, helping them make a decision etc etc

Event Content

We created flyers for Open Day

Copy to say that we transferred our content into flyers to hand out to students and potential students at open day to help spread the word… Benefits of handouts / flyers here… something to take with them


Our 60sec explainer video and testimonial videos helped engage and nurture students along their journey etc etc And got great results… Here are some business outcomes…

  • International students success skyrockets with VU’s First Year Model
  • Rolled out across all VU higher education degrees by 2020
  • Helped to reinforce VU’s positioning as a dynamic, innovative and agile University

Our First Year Model is one of a number of new initiatives that Victoria University intends to implement that place the student firmly in the centre of all we do. This is part of our on-going strategic plan to ensure we have the highest levels of student satisfaction among first year students of any university in Victoria by 2020.

Professor Peter DawkinsVice Chancellor and President, Victoria University

We are constantly rethinking the University experience through a student lens. This re-imagining of how we deliver tertiary education drives better student outcomes through more active and collaborative learning, in small groups, taught in short, in-depth four-week blocks of study, one subject at a time,

Professor Peter DawkinsVice Chancellor and President, Victoria University

Being able to focus on one course at a time allows students to learn quickly and effectively. I am always surprised at how much it is possible to learn in such a brief period, but this is only possible because of the immersive learning environment. The professors are only teaching one class at a time, which means they are focused on providing a quality course. This means they have a lot of one on one time with students.

Matilda TaylorStudent, Quest University, Canada

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