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How our video content helped Victoria University (VU) launch their revolutionary First Year Model Program

We managed all of the video & traditional marketing content for VU’s platforms

Victoria University (VU) engaged Electric Street to develop customised video content and traditional marketing materials / assets to help launch their First Year Model across their website, social media and internal channels and promote the positioning that the VU First Year Model “puts students needs first”. Our work included:

  • Logo Development
  • Animated Branding Package
  • 4 x 60 second Explainer Videos
  • 8 x 15-30 second Testimonial Videos
  • 4 x Social Ads / Animated GIF’s
  • 2 x Digital Flyers / Handouts
  • Open Day Vox Pops

Our Solution

1. We started with an Explainer Video

Communicating how the VU FYM Model worked in the simplest way possible. We created customised versions for School Leavers, Non-School Leavers & International Students.

First Year Model in 60 seconds

School Leavers (60 secs)

2. We Interviewed VU Experts

Our interview videos included a “big question” super beside the VU Experts response. We also added animated content to help explain the more complicated elements of the program.

First Year Model – Overcome Barriers

Ian Solomonidis (90 secs)

First Year Model – Get Industry Ready

Ian Solomonidis (90 secs)

First Year Model – Smaller Class Sizes

Ian Solomonidis (60 secs)

First Year Model – Single Focus Learning 

Ian Solomonidis (45 secs)

3. We Created Ads for Social

We created a series of social tiles to reinforce the key campaign messages of the VU First Year Model to school-leavers looking to commence first-year University which were posted to the VU Facebook page

Square format stills

Square format video clips

FYM – Australia First 

10 secs

FYM – Industry Ready A 

10 secs

FYM – Industry Ready B

10 secs

FYM – Revolutionising

10 secs

Square format animated gifs

4. We created Flyers for key Events

We developed flyers which incorporated elements and key messaging from the Explainer Video. These flyers were distributed at VU Open Days to help increase awareness of the VU First Year Model Program and to drive traffic to the VU website for potential students to view the Video

5. We conducted Vox-Pops at the VU Open Day

Our Electric Street Video Crew attended the VU Open Days and conducted vox-pop interviews with attendees…  (what was produced and where was it promoted)

First Year Model – Understanding Assessments

David Day (90 secs)

First Year Model – An Immersive Approach

John Weldon (45 secs)

First Year Model – Less stress, More focus

Troy Flores (45 secs)


The combination of video content and traditional marketing material we developed helped VU successfully launch their First Year Model program and attract the attention of their target audience whilst reinforcing VU’s positioning as a dynamic, innovative and agile University.

  • International student success skyrockets with VU’s First Year Model
  • Rolled out across all VU Higher Education Degrees by 2020

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for all the work you did on the FYM animated content. We’ve had really good feedback from everyone around VU.

Communications ProducerVictoria University

This looks really good mate – please lock in the VO for early next week. Cheers

Communications ManagerVictoria University

Love this approach. Great stuff. Happy to proceed with this direction. Cheers

Communications ProducerVictoria University

Beautiful – sounds great. Much appreciated.

Communications Manager Victoria University

I love the industry ready video! Looks fantastic. I’ll send these on for approval. I’ll keep you updated. Cheers!

Communications ProducerVictoria University

Thanks for getting that done so quickly. They’re looking fantastic. Cheers!

Communications ProducerVictoria University

Thank you both for all your hard work on this one. We are very happy with the end results. We’re going to be circulating with VU next week.

Communications ProducerVictoria University

Morning. Amazing, this is exactly what I was after. Thank you!

Communications ProducerVictoria University

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