Visit Victoria – The Melbourne eSports Open

Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixen shares her Melbourne gaming experience with her fans and followers to promote the inaugural Melbourne eSports Open.

Filmed and co-directed by #teamES

Show me the storyboards


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  • Well attended and successful 2018 inaugural event

Hi Chad, thanks for send those docs back so fast!

Video Content ExecutiveVisit Victoria

Thanks Ben, look forward to checking out the footage selects. Cheers!

Video Content ManagerVisit Victoria

Just going through Bartonica footage, it looks great – nice job.

Video Content ManagerVisit Victoria

Legend, thanks Ben!

Video Content ManagerVisit Victoria

Thanks Ben, yeah it was fun edit to pull together! Plus it was made a lot easier by your great footage ; )

Video Content ManagerVisit Victoria

Hi Ben, thanks for the feedback. But getting to work with great footage always makes things easier. Was great working with you and the team, was lots of fun.

Video Content ExecutiveVisit Victoria

Hey Ben / Joel / Scott, geez that's unbelievable coverage. Nice one!!

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