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I just want to say you have done an amazing job, the whole suite looks absolutely fantastic and I couldn't be more pleased. I rarely say this, but you have exceeded my expectations (which were pretty high). Thanks again Chad and Ben - really good work.

NickCommunications Manager, Victoria University

Thank you once again to you and your crew for the wonderful filming and production of the Aboriginal Heritage Walk videos and stills. The finished products were great and were invaluable at a recent tourism conference we attended. It has been a pleasure working with you both and I look forward to doing so again in the near future.

SusannahMajor Events Manager, Royal Botanic Gardens

I have just watched the video and I think you and the team have done an exceptional job of this. Everything we discussed yesterday has been included and it watches well. I am super happy with the final result. Please ensure all involved receive a well deserved pat on the back for this.

GarryCapital Property Management

Hey Chad & Ben, we just watched these edits and we love them, they look excellent. Great job guys!

NicoVideo Content Manager

Hi Chad & Ben, the video is awesome, I couldn't just watch it once. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much.

SussanAdministrative Officer

Thanks for sending these through - they're fantastic!
Love what you guys have done with the Made for Memories animation - And like the music too, has a nice feel to it. You guys have done a really good job! We send the link when they're up so you can see them in situ. Thanks 🙂

KateBrand Manager

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